If you’re looking for an attorney in Hurricane, Utah, Ruesch and Reeve is a general practice law firm. Providing comprehensive services for individuals or corporate clients who have legal needs. Involving things like transactional, litigation, or regulatory assistance. 

From the first consultation at Ruesch and Reeve, the attorneys and their team are dedicated to find the best resolution for their clients and their legal issues.

They provide high-quality legal services to clients every day and a reasonable cost. Committed to providing cutting edge legal services and legal planning. Let’s go more about some of the areas our team practices as attorneys in Hurricane, Utah.

Practice Areas Our Attorneys Cover in Hurricane Utah



An adoption attorney has expertise in family law, specializing in adoption. 

The adoption specialty as an attorney can range from stepparent to independent adoptions. A lot of adoption attorneys will handle the legal process, but don’t actually find potential birth parents for their clients. Which makes them the perfect professional for clients such as stepparents, relatives, or identified adoptions.

Sometimes, these attorneys may try to provide services such as locating birth mothers, facilitating communication, overseeing living expenses and protecting families financial investments.

These services are usually provided by a professional agent who has expertise in those specific areas. Where an attorney practicing adoption law isn’t guaranteed to be trained in specific matters that are outside of the legal elements around adoption.

Estate Planning 

Estate planning isn’t something that starts with a will and testament. An attorney who is practicing this field of law will draft living trusts and develop specific plans to mitigate or avoid estate taxes. They also work to make sure that the client’s savings and assets are protected against beneficiaries creditors after they pass.

Attorneys who practice estate planning will prepare the powers of attorney and health care directives that delegate who takes care of the affairs if the client ever becomes unable to themselves. 

A power of attorney is someone who you give the ability to speak for you if you are no longer able to. Making a health care directive will have a plan in place for an agent to go about the health care wishes you stated previous to your passing, or incapacitation.

Family Planning 

A legal practice area that is focused on issues with family relationships is family planning.

These can include:

  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Child Custody

An attorney practicing family law will represent clients in family court proceedings, or other related areas of negotiation. They may also write up the legal documents needed for the case, such as court petitions or property agreements.

Raymond Boyer heads the firm’s family law practices and offers a useful, responsive, and dedicated technique to the resolution of divorce proceedings, modification proceedings, and paternity actions. Our family lawyers also are able to handle simple family law cases with a very cost-conscious approach whenever necessary or desirable. 

Additionally, our family lawyers regularly negotiate and prepare prenuptial arrangements to secure business interests, inheritances, and other assets in case of divorce or death of a spouse.

Personal Injury

An attorney who practices personal injury law will help those who have sustained injuries in an accident in order to help them receive the financial compensation they’re owed. Whether it be for medical treatment, making up for lost wages, pain and suffering, or to provide compensation for injuries entailed.

A personal injury attorney specializes in tort law, which goes over civil litigation for any injury or wrongful doing due to negligence. Their main goal as a personal injury attorney practicing tort law is to sursure their injured client, the plaintiff, is able to fully recover and help prevent anyone else from falling victim to the same incident.

Water Law

An attorney practicing water rights covers areas of water control, use and ownership of water as a resource. 

A water rights attorney in Hurricane, Utah needs to know all current policies of the state and local area. They must know the legal debates and history of the water development in their area and the United States. 

They may also represent:

Business Law

  • Government agencies
  • Private landowners
  • Businesses
  • Environmental watchdog groups

Attorneys practicing business are there to anticipate any problems that may show up in the future for their clients. They should do their best to help them avoid any issues. Business attorneys can go about this in a number of ways.

As an example, business attorneys may represent a bank during a lending transaction and draft the documents needed, like a loan agreement, promissory note, or security agreement.

They do this as a figure to protect the bank and make sure that the person borrowing will be obligated to pay their loan back to the bank in the way requested.

A business attorney also has to anticipate any scenario where the borrower may default on the loan and provide a solution for the bank if that does happen.

Construction Law

An attorney in construction law gives a large variety of services to those in any part of a construction project. 

Such as:

  • Planning
  • Completion
  • Construction Lawyers
  • Represent Owners
  • Architects
  • Material Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors

A construction law attorney can assist their clients with things such as:

  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Fulfilling regulatory requirements
  • Contracting
  • Submitting claims
  • Terminations and more

A construction law attorney can also be preventative by involving themselves in the whole construction process to help avoid litigation, arbitration, or other legal conflicts.


A litigation attorney is definitely needed for those filing any legal claim, or defending against one. 

Not like a transactional attorney, our litigation attorneys in Hurricane, Utah will be in the courtrooms prosecuting or defending any claims for their clients. 

These professionals specialize in investigating and prosecuting cases.

Mining Law

A mining law attorney can create mining laws for a government agency, or they could implement mining laws for private clients.

A mining attorney works in both the public and private sectors. A public-sector mining attorney works for both state and federal agencies.

Our attorneys in Hurricane, Utah provide legal services to companies that explore, mine, process, and sell base and precious metals, coal, industrial minerals, and aggregates, and cement. 

Our experience extends to drafting and negotiating mining joint ventures, options, and operating agreements, as well as land and mineral leases. We also provide due-diligence services for anyone desiring to purchase a mining claim, including researching chain of title to the patent, etc.

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